SM Commerce provides 18 years of expert performance marketing consultancy to start-ups and small businesses worldwide.

We help small and medium sized businesses increase revenue through performance based growth marketing.

Recent activity:

  • Helped a children’s book publisher grow 10X to gain profitable traction prior to an exciting Series A round
  • Took a Facebook advertising account from £5k per month unprofitable spend to nearly £200k per day with substantial profit to grow the small start-up to one of Facebook’s hottest advertising accounts
  • Advising Facebook engineers at an invite only Facebook advertising conference in Menlo Park, SF to discuss our experiences of substantial growth and to advise the product team on improvement opportunities
  • Operationalised a content marketing programme for one of India’s most exciting SaaS tech-startups to help gain new subscribers and retain existing ones through expert commentary and guides.
  • Increased revenue for a subscription business through higher retention rates and lifetime value via customer insight and brand repositioning to better resonate and retain
  • Developed a lead-generation process and tracking pipeline to help a services start-up increase the quantity and quality of leads
  • Drove £1m+ revenue for merchants through an affiliate marketing programme

Our business is generated through word of mouth and networking.