As likely is that Scozzafava and Hoffman will divide the

Scozzafava contest a bellwether for GOP battle between ideology and electability

In an ideal world, politics is both moncler outlet store of those things, but at the moment, both Republicans and Democrats face internal debates about the true nature of what it means moncler outlet ny to be a political party. A once obscure special House election in upstate New York and the high profile debate over health care illustrate the uncomfortable choices that accompany building stable, governing coalitions.

Start with the Republicans. New York’s 23rd congressional district, in the far northern reaches of the Empire State, has been in Republican hands for generations. It moncler jackets outlet is now the scene of a high stakes struggle between national Republican leaders that could result in a Democratic victory and an embarrassment to the GOP.

cheap moncler The story is simple. The 23rd district was held for years by John McHugh, a moncler coats for kids moderate who fit the district moncler jackets and who was part of a vanishing species of Republicans nationally. Tapped by moncler outlet canada President Obama to serve as Army secretary, McHugh has left behind what has turned into a nasty mess for his party.

The Republican nominee, backed by local party leaders, is Dede Scozzafava, a state assemblywoman. Like some other northeastern Republicans, she is generally conservative on many fiscal issues but favors both abortion rights and gay rights. She cheap moncler jackets is, say her supporters, the kind of Republican who can win a race in a district like New York’s 23rd.

But Scozzafava hardly represents what the base of the Republican Party believes. She is out of step on core issues moncler coats for cheap and, as a result, has drawn opposition from the right. Doug moncler jackets canada Hoffman, running on the Conservative Party ballot, is challenging the GOP nominee and his growing strength makes it possible that Democrat Bill Owens could grab the seat away from the moncler coats cheap Republicans.

moncler outlet online The race has badly divided the national Republican hierarchy. The contest has become an early example of the fights likely to play out in the future as Republicans argue among themselves about how best to rebuild their party after two devastating defeats in 2006 and 2008.

Scozzafava enjoys the support of former House speaker Newt Gingrich, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R Ohio) and the moncler coats sale National Rifle Association. Hoffman has won the backing of two prospective 2012 presidential candidates former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and a host of other prominent conservative Republicans.

The arguments over the Hoffman Scozzafava candidacies were summed up best by Palin and Gingrich.

moncler outlet “Doug Hoffman stands for the principles that all Republicans should share: smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense and Moncler Factory Outlet a commitment to individual liberty,” Palin wrote in her endorsement. “Political parties must stand for something. When Republicans were in the wilderness in the late 1970s, Ronald Reagan knew that the doctrine of ‘blurring the moncler jackets on sale lines’ between parties was not an appropriate way to win elections.”

Gingrich cheap moncler jackets wholesale warned against imposing ideological litmus tests and said the party should not purge all prospective candidates who don’t agree with GOP doctrine 100 percent of the time. That, he told discount moncler jackets Fox moncler outlets usa News, buy moncler jackets toronto will guarantee Obama’s reelection in 2012 and a continued Democratic majority in the House.

buy moncler jackets The most recent polls show Scozzafava sliding and Hoffman rising. Some polling suggests Hoffman might actually be able to slip past both moncler outlet woodbury the Republican moncler outlet online store and Democratic nominees in what would be a major upset, although he will have to withstand a vigorous attack from his rivals moncler outlets uk in the final days of the campaign to manage that feat. As likely is that Scozzafava and Hoffman will divide the Republican vote and allow Owens to win.

For moncler outlet usa Democrats, the question of principle vs. winning is playing out now in the Senate and House over health care and whether any bill that includes a public option can win approval.

monlcer down jackets The base of the Democratic Party has made inclusion moncler jackets kids of the public option its highest priority. moncler jackets cheap But there is resistance among Democratic senators moncler outlet location from red states and for House members who won election in 2006 and 2008 from nominally Republican districts, who fear they might moncler outlet uk not survive their next elections if they back such a measure.

cheap womens moncler jackets moncler coats Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D Nev.) has upped the ante by announcing he will send a bill to the floor that includes a public option (though with an opt out clause for states). His decision has delighted liberals and progressives, both elected officials and grass roots activists. But it’s not clear he has the votes to pass the bill.

moncler moncler outlet mall outlet sale One obstacle comes from Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who when he lost the Democratic nomination in 2006 ran as an independent and won his reelection race in Connecticut. He remains a thorn in the side of the Democrats. But there are other moderate Democrats who may present just as many problems to Reid in the coming weeks.

In both New York’s 23rd special election and the debate over health care, the question is the price of purity. How much do political parties demand of their members? What compromises are necessary to build and retain coalitions large enough to win a national majority, whether in a presidential election or in 435 individual races for the House?

moncler mens jackets It is noteworthy that the engineers of the Republican takeover in 1994 and the Democratic takeover in 2006 are the strongest advocates for matching House candidates with their constituencies and then moncler coats for men dealing with the consequences.

That was moncler coats outlet and remains Gingrich’s belief, which is why he sided with Scozzafava. It also is how Rahm Emanuel, the former chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and now White House Chief of Staff, brought the Democrats back to power. Emanuel’s recruitment of moderate Democrats in swing districts became the template for the 2006 successes.

moncler sale Both Gingrich and Emanuel were celebrated at the time of their victories,. Now they are feeling heat for maintaining moncler outlet those views. Gingrich is under fire from his conservative friends for what they see as a break with orthodoxy. Emanuel, who long has advocated the importance of passing health care, with or without a public option, has drawn fire from the Democratic base for what they see as being too willing to compromise.

The stakes for Democrats in the health care battle are enormous. For Republicans, the stakes in New York’s 23rd district may not be at that level, but nonetheless reveal a potentially debilitating split within their coalition. No matter the outcome next week in New York and, later, in Congress over health care, the arguments underway in moncler coats for women both parties moncler chicago will continue to echo into the future.

cheap moncler outlet Posted at 11:22 AM ET on Oct 28, 2009

cheap moncler sale moncler jackets mens The election campain for the Official Moncler Outlet NY 23rd Congressional District is the big story of ’09. Before the election, it was front page news. Now that the people of the 23rd have spoken, no one seems to be interested. No one except the smart people. (Yes Mr. Baltz this means you!)

cheap moncler jackets The winged monkeys of republicanism descended on NY 23rd and thought they could kidnap their election and fly off with the “wicked witch of Wazilla.” The People of the 23rd just discount moncler outlet said, “Fuggettaboutit!”

Dede Scozzafava has earned the admiration and respect of all her constituents for standing up to these despicable moncler jackets men republican media monkeys when it would have been so easy to kowtow.

Unlike the truly hideous, bullying, morons who now control the republican party, the voters of the 23rd are traditional moncler coats Republicans who moncler outlet online remember leaders like Dwight D. Eisenhower, Everett Dirksen, and John McHugh. They also remember a time when voters expected elected officials to moncler jacket outlet work together with a shared concept of good government and respect for the Constituion.

Since then, republicanism has mutated into a coalition of the rich and the stupid, trading political support for institutional racism, sexism, and homophobia to their religeously fanatic teabagging minions for blank checks, tax evasion, nobid contracts, and an illegitimate, pre emptive, republican war without end for wealthy global corporatists. This is a nightmare scenario that Eisenhower, Dirkson, and McHugh would have never tolerated in their wildest dreams.

moncler outlet store The People of the 23rd have chosen wisely. Moreover, they have set an example for all traditional Republicans who choose not to be represented by the craven corporate handpuppets who currently control the republican party.

moncler sale outlet Upstate NY is a tough place to live and is largly populated by independent minded people. Most running their mouths have no idea what the locals think or what they want. I am a central new moncler jackets for women yorker that works primarily in the north country.

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