Brand-driven, Performance Marketing for Fast-Growth Businesses

Want to know the secret to real success with Facebook advertising? 

Your Ads CORE-4 (AC4).

Your AC4 relies on these 4 things: Product, Audience, Offer and Funnel

Which is why at SM Commerce, our expertise runs across all 4.

Let Us Take The Burden From You

If you're struggling with controlling profitability or scale, or simply want to outsource growth so you can focus on the bigger needle shifters for your business then let's chat.

Very few Facebook ads agencies understand marketing like we do; and we've taught thousands of agencies and business owners our approach.

SM Commerce specialise in helping businesses reach their customers profitably using Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

A Trusted Premium Facebook Marketing Partner

We work with businesses with big ambition, to deliver products and services that make the world a better place for their customers. Conscious Digital Marketing.

Our experienced team are remotely located around the world. We don't believe in borders, instead choosing to work with the best colleagues we can to serve the best clients, too.

We grade every partner that wishes to work with us on the Advertising CORE-4 (AC4) scale which is a proven methodology to determining how successful a business will be with Facebook advertising.

We then plug our BPM Method (Brand Driven Performance Marketing Method) into your business to create the sustainable, profitable success our clients and  partners know us for.




Our Full Account Management (FAM) service is our highest tier of support.

We implement our BPM Method framework in delivering strategy and tactics in the right amounts to build sustainable success.

Following a deep audit into your business we will (re)build your avatars, audiences and creatives and through test and learn, uncover profitable audiences, fast.

Through clever optimisation, we'll profitably scale your ads, and grow your business the sustainable way.


If you're early on in the journey, our Account Setup Accelerator Program (ASAP) can offer you everything from our BPM Method framework from ground-up.

This is suitable for Ecommerce and Digital Products/Services with some or no customer data and sales. 

We'll research and build up your business via Facebook ads.

You just bring a well researched product or service and we'll do the rest.


If you're experiencing trouble, whether it's ads policy, technical or you've hit a growth ceiling, our audit or consulting option might be right for you.

Our GAP (Growth Accelerator Program) is designed for businesses that already have media buying expertise, but require additional, deep expertise in Facebook ads and general marketing growth to help break through new paths to growth.

Our audit and fix projects are smaller, one-off projects designed for those experiencing blocks that need the walls broken down.

Ready For Growth?

SM Commerce is a high performance agency designed for businesses looking to grow profitably and sustainably via Facebook advertising.

Truth is we might not even be the right fit.

After all, you don't need a high performance sports car to just drive back and forth for groceries right? :-)

If your business is serious about growth and you're willing to invest in success, then we may have the keys to unlock your potential.

Contact us to set up a call and see if we might be a good fit?