Founded in 2009 SM Commerce focuses on Facebook advertising support for Small to Medium sized businesses (SMB/SME). We're a team of experienced marketers foremost that are also Facebook advertising experts.


We bring 15+ years experience of fast and stable growth marketing across startups, SMEs and established businesses.

Marketing channels come and go over time and so with our experience across all forms of marketing including Paid Search, Paid Social, Display, Email, Content, SEO, Affiliates, TV, Press, Direct Mail and much more we funnel all our knowledge and strategy into Facebook advertising.

Why? Because of Facebook's previously unheard of global reach and laser targeting abilities which allows us to help clients of all sizes grow.


SM Commerce began with Facebook advertising in 2013 whilst the platform was still in its infancy. We've since then helped companies monetise the platform with our deep understanding of the complexities and our simple approach to delivery.


  • Extensive Facebook advertising experience - we keep up with all the latest Facebook news and trends to ensure clients receive the very best
  • Profitable growth in a range of B2C and B2B markets, from e-commerce and lead gen to app install and local business targeting
  • Direct working relationship with the Facebook team in London and Ireland to ensure our clients receive the best support and advice
  • Invited contributors to Facebook events and publications


  • To be continuously good at Facebook advertising requires a good understanding of marketing
  • We excel at Facebook advertising because we combine deep experience of the Facebook platform with our broad and varied marketing experience
  • Our marketing experience spans multiple e-commerce and lead generation businesses
  • Our marketing experience includes all aspects of paid and non-paid marketing to bundle this together into strategies right for our clients


  • A highly analytical, scientific approach to running campaigns
  • We’re obsessive over numbers and customer experience
  • We’re well-versed in your acronyms, from CPA, AOV and CPL, CPI, CPR through to CPC, LTV and ROI
  • We handle account spend as if it were our own


  • An extension of your existing team
  • 100% focus on all our clients - we will decline new clients to ensure existing client performance remains unaffected
  • Not your typical 9-5 agency - we're available when you are
  • A UK based agency tapping into worldwide support
Hi, I’m Shalina Barok, co-founder and resident Facebook advertising expert, running daily campaigns, the business and my children! I run most of the day to day activity with the support of my team.
Hey, I’m Depesh Mandalia, founder and resident growth marketing expert with distinction in Facebook advertising. I provide clients with the insights, strategy and roadmap for growth and support the team with regular deep-dive analysis using our in-house data suite.


In 2009, we began as affiliate marketers, working with companies through affiliate networks and directly to generate traffic and sales through our expertise within Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid Search (PPC), Content & Email marketing.

Over a period of 12 months in 2011-2012 we helped our partners collectively generate over £1M in revenue in sectors such as travel, electrical goods, kids’ toys and women’s apparel.

In 2014 we helped a startup grow from £330K revenue to over £3M in one year through Facebook Advertising platform. Facebook spend has since increased exponentially worldwide and we’ve since remained at the forefront of the technology leading SM Commerce to change focus to Facebook advertising.

We’ve successfully supported companies from minimal spend startups through to growing SMEs in executing and growing sales through Facebook advertising.

Today, SM Commerce is focussed on Facebook advertising, whilst also providing clients with broader growth marketing support based on our combined 15+ years experience in traditional, digital and startup growth marketing.

Our core focus is in developing and growing performance of Facebook-led ad campaigns, led by co-founder, Shalina Barok.  She has been successfully running Facebook campaigns since 2014 and has been recognised for her work with an invite-only conference at Facebook HQ in California, a meeting Sheryl Sandberg and conducted interviews with The Guardian newspaper.

As co-founder, Depesh Mandalia is involved as the strategic marketing advisor and resident Facebook Ads guru with deep hands-on experience within Marketing, Product Development and Technology.  He provides client companies with forward-thinking marketing growth support using Facebook as a platform for success. His experience across the full customer journey and life cycle means he brings a broad range of tools, tactics and strategies tailored to each client, honed over 15+ years.